Zinia is a might scatterbrained, athletic, and all around great girl… from the past. Originating from 1978, she was infected with a elusive virus that threatened her life via her arms and legs. In order to save her life, her limbs were amputated as she was forced to stay in her dad’s army base in New Mexico. Staying there, she was soon approached by Cretaceous Flux who was in the midst of developing new cybernetic technology. She would be the first one to accept these new limbs. After calibrations, the limbs were put on her and she awaited them to be calibrated as she slept in a chamber.

Years later, Cosmo Man, resurrected and now in charge soon discovered that she was still in the base. But had not remembered much prior to her sleep. Using his intellect, he attempts to make her into a new soldier for XANA. But his hasty nature works against them as Zinia pointed out that the virus only hit her. He then attempts to kill her due to her knowing too much, but she ran out of the building before he could. She came back with Viola and Josuke, beating him again via explosion. Now, in this new time, she is now on Jexi’s team with a frienship of Twilight and Indigo.

As mentioned, Zinia can be a bit scatterbrained sometimes, she often forgets things sometimes. Due to her being from the past, she is quickly amused and amazed by new things and technologies that weren’t around in 1978. Her new tech also gets her attention, mostly from Luffy, Usopp and Chopper, who think she's as awesome as Franky’s cyborg body. But the feature Zinia has isn't a powerful laser beam, rocket launchers or a giant robot.

Zinia, during her sleeping process, was enveloped by the light of the Universal core and was gifted with Tenya Iida ’s Engine Quirk allowing her to move incredibly fast even with her heavy limbs. The limbs are also very strong. With her arms, she can lift large boulders and easily crush them. In addition to the engines in her legs, the raw power of each hard step not only crushes the ground, but makes it quake. She is truly a force to be reckoned with. Recently, she’s also developed an interest in gaming.