Yumi Ishiyama

Yumi is the only other female member of the Lyoko Warriors. Originally from Japan, she first comes off as a bit of a loner at first. But to her friends, she’s the most mature of the group and always looking out for them. During a while on Lyoko, she was donned in a geisha outfit with a single fan, after an upgrade to her outfit, she now was like a geisha/ninja mix with two fans. Recently in the past, she’s attracted the attention of a warrior general named Blaziken who has interest in her for unknown reasons. She is currently in a love triangle with Ulrich and William.

Yumi is the most adept female fighter of the group. She specialises in high maneuverability and acrobatics. Her main weapon is a fan with a razor energy tip. Just a single throw, and on contact, slices right through her opponents. She also has telekinesis, allowing her to move anything with just her mind.