Wendy Anime S5

Wendy is a young girl and a member of Fairy Tail and the Dimensional Heroes. Wendy is a fragile little girl who goes under the ephiet the Sky Sorceress. She is very shy but at the same time polite. Her partner is her exceed, Carla. She is always eager and tries to make friends. Wendy is very skilled with Healing Magic and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. She was raised by the Sky Dragon Grandeeney but she had left her on the 7th day, during the 7th hour on the 7th month during the year X777. She was then lead around with Mystogan who introduced himself as Jellal Fernandes. She was eventually left within the care of Cait Shelter. After the business with the Oracion Seis, it was revealed Cait Shelter never existed, which lead her to join Fairy Tail.