An ex idol who used to travel all over doing shows and acting as well. But one night in her dressing room, a strange light appeared to her, changing her entire life forever. She became a thrid gen enhanced, caused by the light of the Cores reaction. But her power she obtained? None other than the killer impulsed, all around antihero bomber Bakugo. But her explosions are a bit different. She in actuality is a living bomb.

The Goddess gave Bakugo’s quirk on Viola one heck of an overhaul. Where Bakugo could create detonations from his hands and use his own perspiration as a nitroglycerine trigger chain to make the explosions from his hands. For Viola, the nitroglycerine is inside her skin and bloodstream. Even the slightest hit will cause her to detonate with no harm to herself. This can be used as a way to attack with concussive force, or a counter measure. And the more kinetic force form the hit from either direction, the more powerful and wide spread the explosion becomes.

Viola is nice and kindhearted unlike Bakugo. But there is one problem she always had, clumsiness with her clothes. With a trip, she somehow manages to rip either her shirt or her pants. This can result in some...embarrassing moments.

While her career as an idol is cancelled because of her new ability, she now has a new one. SHe has become the first of the third gen enhanced to join the Hope Squad. Garunteed no one hits her out of context, she fits the team like a glove.