Vera is one of Ludger and Julius' childhood friends, and a member of the Brave Adventurers.

Originally Bisley's secretary in Spirius Corporation, she served as the group's informant on the Fractured Dimensions. Although loyal to Bisley and Spirius as a whole, she joined the Brave Adventurers upon Bisley and Ludger's deaths.

Although usually a non-combatant, Vera is very informative on interdimensional anomalies and terms, and serves as the team's mission control and navigator. Since Miu joined the team, Vera has been more active in battles.

In Hyrule, she's developed the use of the bow, and is training under Teba.

Her most prominent role is in the Injustice stories, where she and Teba worked alongside Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow. After a failed coup in Gorilla City, Vera got Teba to take Connor to safety, leaving her to be captured alongside Green Arrow and Black Canary by Brainiac. She was implied to have been under Gorilla Grodd's mind control, but was freed upon Grodd's death by Aquaman.