The Universal Police are a universal force of justice that work hard to keep worlds safe from criminals wanted all over. The HQ contains basic necessities as well as an academy and happens to be next to the Universal Prison.

It is led by Nancy Flux, happening to be the mother of criminal Amadeus Flux, Hope squad member Damien Flux and circus dream reader Annette Flux. She seems serious in her work, but she has her family side. She seems to care little about Flux’s evil exploits, but cares so much for Damien, even relieving him of any sort of crime pinned on him. She’s happy that Damien has joined Hope but wished Flux joined the force.

The Police also has its fair share of new enhanced members. Mainly coming from the Investigation team. So far, Naoto, Yosuke and Yukiko all have enhanced versions on the force. Ace gunman Carlson, split person traffic cop Tracer, and fiery dominator enforcer Cin.

Overall, this Police force has a good rep. You need something or someone arrested, you know who to call.