Tony Tony Chopper Anime Post Timeskip Infobox

Chopper is a small humanoid reindeer and one of the doctors for the team. He is a reindeer who ate the Zoan Human-Human Fruit, which made him a human reindeer hybrid. He hails from the frosty Drum Island where everyone shunned him for being a monster and having a blue nose. He holds a strong grudge against Wapol, the former ruler of Drum Island. He joined the StrawHats after Luffy got rid of Wapol. He then joined the Dimensional Heroes after the first adventure. After the two year time skip(which was two weeks on the other worlds) he can now transform into six points at will and one with a Rumble Ball. Walk Point, Heavy Point, Guard Point, Kung Fu Point, Horn Point, Brain Point and Monster Point. He has the habit of rejecting compliments and dancing.