Alice Right, better known to her teammates as Titanica, isn't exactly a hero of her own. She's a hero who inherited a fraction of power from another, calling them Enhanced. What she inherited was Valkyries Big Magic, granting her the ability to change size, hence her name. For a great portion of her life, she was teased and bullied for her short size and her shyness, even from her own brothers and sisters. She would sit by her window at nights, wishing that she would grow tall, in one way or the other, she got her wish, just not as she expected. The light hit her, and before she knew it, she burst up to 50ft. Although reluctant to be a hero, she warmed up to it and evolved to be a member of Hope’s team.

Titanica is able to increase her height to 50ft, packing great strength no matter where she is at. But that was only the beginning. While most size changers like Mt. Lady have a limit, it was revealed that she had none whatsoever. This meant she could go even bigger and even increase the size of parts of her body. One of her most notable acts was a fight with Byaku Shin and Zavok. Its clear to people that she could be the most unique and powerful hero yet.