P4U Teddie Portrait

Teddie is a strange little bear that comes from the TV world. He was originally a shadow who awoke to human emotions and wanted people to like him. So he took on the shape of a bear. Originally, the inside was empty, but after realizing he didn't know who he was, not only did he gain a persona known as Kintoki Douji, he also grew a human body inside of him. He now lives in the human world. He joined the group after being rescued by Dialga. He has a small weakness for telling women he wants to score with them. He also tries to add bear to most of his sentences.

After leaving the Dimensional Heroes, he along with his friends were recruited by the Heroes Coalition and currently works as a Solo Hero but is a part of the Inaba Investigation Team.

Appearance Edit

Teddie's appearance is based off a stuffed animal. He is an anthropomorphic bear with blue fur. He wears red and white jumpsuit-like clothing. Additionally, the head part of his suit has lenses which allow him to see through the fog in the Midnight Channel. Size-wise, Teddie is the shortest male party member.

After developing an ego, Teddie becomes a teenage boy with blond hair pulled to his left side, bright blue eyes and fair skin. He is shown wearing a white blouse-like shirt with various adornments like a red rose and a flamboyantly designed collar.

Personality Edit

Being a comic relief character, Teddie is usually bubbly and cute and is known to lighten the mood when investigating the case, much like Chie. Possibly due to being a Shadow unfamiliar with the human world, or perhaps due to being a cartoon bear, Teddie has a lot of childish naivety, innocence and is pure of heart. He doesn't know a lot of human customs, does not know what "scoring a hot stud" means or what a "manwhore" is. This results in him having a lack of social boundaries, such as when he flirts with Chie and Yukiko, although he fails every time.

Abilities Edit

His persona is Kintoki-Douji and uses claws as his weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • He along with Yu Narukami, Teddie, Kanji Tatsumi and Rex Salazar are known as Neo-City's One Direction after singing and dancing in the streets one time.