Sonia Nevermind Illustration

Believe it or not, Sonia is the only Student in Hope’s Peak 77th class not orginaly from Japan. As the Ultimate Princess, she transferred to the academy from a European kingdom called Novoselic. But after developing an interest in japanese culture, she transferred to Hope’s peak in order to further learn about Japan’s culture. She got more than she bargained for though, because even with her great days in school, there came that fateful day.

With Chikaki’s murder and Junko’s process seeped into her mind, Sonia became a Remnant and was no longer the polite one she was, but a ruthless ruler. Under this guise, she returned to her kingdom and lead it to ruin with warfare. Before she could do the same in Skylands, Hope was able bring her back to a peaceful mind.

As a princess, Sonia has connections to several royal families as well as being skilled in speaking 33 different languages. With no Kingdom to go back to, Sonia made it her interest to join the team as its Royal Representative for her reasons. One, to give the last remainder of her kingdom the name it had back, and second, to help reduce any sort of trouble the teams might get into with royals.