Ruby is a skilled huntress from her world of Remnant and has attended Beacon academy, leading Team RWBY to saving the world from the White Fang and a entire grimm invasion. Her most notable traits are her super speed semblance, her red hood, and of course her giant scythe slash sniper rifle, Crescent Rose. She was not put on the team until later in Limbo City, she was able to save Chopper from the Hunter and taking it out with her team. Although, this was not their first meeting. Originally a captive of Avia before escaping with Aladdin and battling a bear. They left the group after they won the battle against Avia But officially became members after Limbo City.

It was during the Vytal Tournament that things were shaken up. Cinder and her forces ravaged and destroyed beacon. Before RWBY could even be split their separate ways, Jexi and his group approached each member individually and wanted to bring them back to the team, back home.

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