Roronoa Zoro Anime Post Timeskip Infobox

The Swordsman of the Strawhat Pirates and the other strongest member of the team. Zoro was Luffys first pick for his crew, and what a good pick it was. Zoro is no ordinary swordsman, as he fights with three of them. Not kidding here, three. Two in his hands, one in his mouth. He has the dream of becoming the worlds strongest swordsman, but to attain this dream, he has to take out the current one, Dracule Mihawk. Suffering a defeat at his hands at Baratie, Zoro moved on to beat opponents stronger than him, besting Mr. 1 of the Bargouqe Works, Kaku of CP9, Ryuma of Thriller Bark, no enemy is safe from him. Though he is strong, his sense of direction however is very poor, often getting him into places way far from where the team was going.

After the Two Years of Training, Zoro was stronger than ever. Under Mihawks guidance, Zoro had his cutting abilities and even new techniques to show off. He didnt know it at the time, but he even mastered Haki in order to cut through enemies defenses. He battled against several villains and generals like Metagross, Gallade and all sorts of sword wielding baddies.