Out of all the Fighters and Heroes on Jexi’s team, the one that is most Unqiue, is Ranma. Originating from his own Japan in his world, he leads an unusual life after falling into a cursed Spring. This springs curse makes the one who falls in take on the form of a young girl. Now when exposed to cold water, he becomes a girl, when in warm, he becomes a boy again. This led to RaNma leading a literal Double life. It had its uses, the girl form is more agile and can get him into places men would not normally be allowed.

During the Underworld War, Ranma found himself trekking across the world and unknowingly walked into a war zone where one of Viridi’s Reset Bombs fell. He was lucky enough to survive and recruited by the heroes to join in the war. Since then, he’s been the martial artist of the team. He soon learned of his own weaknesses when humiliated by Gurdurr in battle. After, he met a pokemon named Elekid, who is regarded as the punch master. Under his training, he learned how to master different sorts of punches and defeat Gurdurr in a rematch. He’s also defeated Tyranitar, mastered Aura to beast Lucario, and even currently trained to use Hamaon as the second only otherworldly master next to Jonathan Joestar. A masterful martial artist who is a huge powerhouse on the team.