Ramona Flowers

A woman from New York, and one of the founding members of the Brave Adventurers.

She works as a Ninja Delivery Girl for Amazon Canada and met Scott at a party. Scott falls in love and wants to go out with her, which she complied to with a little challenge: In order to secure a relationship, Scott must defeat her 7 Evil Exes.

Since forming a relationship with Scott and joining the Brave Adeventurers, Ramona has proved to be a capable fighter, being able to stand against the Great Spirit of Time, Chronos and rescuing Peko from Big Mom in the Injustice world. So far, her only slip-up was being held hostage by Wolf and Dog in Hyrule.

Ramona has gained control over Subspace, which allows her to travel across the world around her with ease. In fact, her Subspace Suitcase is capable of sending people in it through worlds, seeing as that's how the group ended up in Elympios.

In addition, Ramona is proficient with swords, titanium baseball bats, and her signature Metal Hammer. She and Scott are so far the only two people able to fight in Real space, as evidenced when they fought a swarm of Heartless in Kanami's world.

Voice Actor Edit

En: Skye Bennett