Equestria girls rainbow dash by deathnyan-d6f976x

Rainbow Dash is both the Equestrian horse she is, and also a student at CHS in another world. She was the first member to be drawn from her school during the demon lord incident by Kentaruosmon’s revival. She represents the Element of Loyalty, being able to support her friends when the need arises and come to their aid. She is the most Unique of the six humans joining the team.

Her first weapon was the Rainbow Blade, which gave her speed in battle. After a while, she combated Demyx of the Organization and took his weapon, Arpeggio, for herself, able to do things with it he couldnt. After camp everfree, she got her super speed full time without having to use her blade and her magical form. And with it, the Keyblade of Terra, dubbed the Earthshaker. Rainbow took the blade that belonged to her friend with promise to return it to him once she brought him back. With all three weapons at her disposal, Rainbow certainly is a force to be reckoned with.