Odd is the funny, wisecracking, and all around social guy of the group. He lives in a dorm with Ulrich and hides his pet dog Kiwi on campus due to pets not being allowed at Kadic. While Odd may seem a bit unqualified for the job, he is surprisingly able to fight and back up his smack talk. Much to his annoyment, his first virtualization onto lyoko gave him a purple cat like appearance with his usually downward hair spike upwards. Due to this, he changed his hairstyle to Lyokos look, but unfortunately was unable to fix the ‘flaw’.

Despite having a Cat outfit, Odd quickly adapted to it. He specialized in long ranged attacks. Hidden in both his arms are twin arrow launchers that fire at a fast rate in single shots. He can also go faster by going on all fours, since his hands have feline appearance.

When lyoko was upgraded, the cat look stuck with him, but the suit itself was remodeled to make him more slicker with the ability to fire more arrows as well as run up objects like walls and trees. The new upgrade also came with a deployable energy shield for defense, but Odd only uses it when he has no arrows left to fire. That said, if he needs more, Jeremie can run a program to reload his ammo, but its only good for a single reload each time.