Nami Post
Nami Pre

Nami is a former cat burglar specializing in robbing Pirates. Her reason behind this was to gather enough Beli to pay a debt off to Arlong to free Cocoyashi Village. The team saw this memory when diving in to fix luffy. They also saw Namis true devotion to the Straw Hats as Luffy came and beat the heck outta Arlong.

Nami packs both beauty and brains. As the Straw Hats navigator, she is incredibly gifted with Knowledge of all routs along the East, West, north and South Blue. She even managed to map out the Grand Line, and sailed the crew through it. After being free from arlong, her dream as of being on the Straw Hats was realized as she would map out the entire world. And so, she set off with the crew.

Although being a damsel sometimes, Nami is no slouch in a fight. Her main weapon of choice is the Clima Tact, a weapon designed to use a different amount of weather attacks. It has gotten a lot of upgrades, one most notably being the Sorcery Clima Tact, sending weather balls and utilizing them to defeat her foes.

She got the Sorcery Clima Tact from Weatheria, a sky island she landed on via Kuma. After getting the message of Luffy’s, she stayed for two years, mastering the weather of the new world and knowledge of how to avoid it.

She first met the group after being warped there by Flux the first time to the Realm of Exploration. She teamed up with a bunch of girls and Team Charm to find treasure and battled with Team AWD. After that, they were sent to the Amp Plains where the Electrike tribe attacked them before being rescued by the heroes. And after defeating Primal Dialga and Darkrai, they returned home, to later come back as members of the group.