Nagito Komaeda Illustration

A member of the 77th class and the Ultimate Lucky Student. Coming from a rich family, Nagito believes everything is based on good or bad luck. His luck is abnormally high. Examples of this are getting a jackpot at a soda vending machine, getting a lucky roll and winning a video game, even winning the lottery from a tossed ticket.

Though Nagito is lucky, he is a bit pessimistic and has a twisted obsession with hope itself, going as far as cutting of his own arm and replacing it with Junko’s. On the remnants of despair, he went that far. He was the last student to be cured of the process, and left with some scars. He now has a mech arm made by tails and becomes the teams undercover specialist, doing the jobs most people on both teams cant fit in with. With his luck and intellect, he has proven to be a huge supporting member to Hopes team and a perfect undercover agent.