A childhood friend of Hope’s when growing up in Metal City. An orphan with no family to rely on. During a massive gang war coup, her legs were crippled and she was hospitalized, Hope to blame because of his ties to the conflict. Mary never saw Hope as the one to put her in the hospital, and waited for him every single day for him to visit her. Realizing his heroic duties put him self in the way of them, and feeling guilty to never see Mary, she wished to move again. That day came in the form of a fused Enhanced Light hit her.

She saw her legs had grown muscle all the way up to her hips as she was astonished. But after looking at them, she was astonished by another fact, she now could walk once again. Approached by Chrono and discovering her power as a Rare Enhanced, she accepted his offer to go to Punk Hazard and find hope, finally being reunited on his team as friends once again.

Mary’s personality is depicted as a kind and caring person. To her, Hope as well as Ricardo are the only family they have. Often enough, she sometimes likes to take in the amazingness of the sights around her as she has never been outside of her own town before. While she has no fighting knowledge, she is slowly using to utilize her new legs as powerful weapons. But even though she has no idea how to fight, she will do whatever it takes to support Hope.

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