Lucy Anime S2

Lucy is a young girl and a member of Fairy Tail and the Dimensional Heroes. She joined the team when Chopper saved her from two members of the bug kingdom. She is a valuable member of the team. She is specialized in Celestial Spirit Magic which allows her to use Celestial Spirit Keys to summon spirits.

List of known keys.

Silver keys

The Southern Cross: Crux

The Pendulum Clock: Horologium

The Lyre: Lyra

The Canis Minor: Nikora(Plue)

The Compass: Pyxis

Golden Keys

The Water Bearer: Aquarius

The Golden Bull: Taurus

The Great Crab: Cancer

The Maiden: Virgo

The Archer: Sagittarius

The Lion: Leo AKA Loke

The Ram: Aries

The Scorpion: Scorpio

The Twins: Gemini

The Goat: Capricorn