Lisanna in Earth Land Prof Pic

Lisanna is the youngest of the Strauss family next to Elfman and Mirajane. She and her family were solely raised by the Fairy Tail Guild since childhood. At a young age, Lisanna was always the cheery one, helping natsu out and being the one to help him hatch happy. She was the greatest helper. Until that faithfully…

One day on a mission, Elfman attempted to use a full-body Beast Soul Transformation but it ended up going wild. In the wake of the destruction, Lisanna was near death as she lied there. However, Anima opened exactly where she was as she replaced an alternate Lisanna who had died. She then arrived in an alternate world called Edolas where she took over as the other Lisanna, presumably dead.

It wasnt until the entire guild was transported into Edolas to stop the royal family from using their friends for magic power. While undercover at the Alternate Fairy Tail comprised of Rogues, NAtsu couldnt help but feel as if the Lissana he saw was theirs. They didnt have time to rest on it as they had to find Lucy who, with help from Horologium, and Mystogan, ended up in Edolas with the full use of her magic.

But after the royal family fell, magic was starting to leave Edolas and since the Lisanna there had magic, she was being pulled away as well.

Natsu once more triumphed over incredible odds, defeating the mighty magic item that was supposed to resemble a real dragon: Dorma Anim. after the restoration, Lisanna was taken by Pantherlily to see the others back in earthland, and in that moment, everyone knew that she was...their Lisanna. After her return, she ran to the cemetery where her siblings were paying respects to her grave where they all met for a heartfelt reunion.

Lisanna and her siblings werent officially made a part of the Dimensional Heroes until after the events of Merveille and the battle with Shiki. She and her siblings joined just as the group went to the past of the Lyoko Warriors. Aside from her cheery personality and able to help when needed, most of the team is reluctant to bring presumably weak members like Lisanna into world threatening fights. That is a grave mistake, because anyone with a good degree of insight could see that Lisanna is more than capable of holding her own.

Like Mirajane and Elfman, Lisanna also utilizes a form of Take Over Magic called Animal Soul, allowing her to transform into animals. Despite being young, she’s skilled enough to use Takeover on only parts of her body or even switch between souls in a matter of seconds due to her use and skill of the magic. Though she is the youngest, she makes up a big part of the sibling team.