Lacy is one of the Hopes Squad's newest members. She's notable for being a big eater. And it means big. She has had an endless appetite even before gaining the powers of the Gum Gum Fruit. After racking up huge bills from all her eating, she was left disowned and broke. It was then she met a clown named Cece who offered Lacy a job at her circus in exchange for paying off her debt. She gladly took the deal.

It wasn't until later that Lacys gorging finally got to the Circus itself. Cece sent Lacy to Hope in hopes he might be able to tame her wild appetite. But only gave him a year to do so. Regardless, this was an opportunity for Hope. If done right, he could Spread the Cosmic Cirus to new worlds. If he ever got the chance, he would tell Cece having one of her performances with him is a great deal. Because if there's one thing the Cosmic Circus is good at, its spreading Smiles. And with Lacy on the Squad, Hope could really show the world's what his team was all about and promote the circus at the same time. Talk about a two for one.

As the Inheritor of Luffy Gum Gum ability, Lacy is entirely made of Rubber. But she doesn't fight and move like the rubbery captain, no sir. Her fighting style revolves around her acrobatic skills and even faces insane dangers just to get a thrill or two. She maybe the most limber, but so far is the most crazy.