Komasan is a dog like Yokai of the Charming Tribe. Believe it or not, he’s actually from the country. Most people can tell by his accent. But what would a country Yo-kai be doing in the city?

The answer is, Komasans got himself a debt to pay off. It all started when he lived at a shrine out in the country. Eventually, it got bulldozed down to make room for more buildings. Without home, he decided to follow his heart, or rather his stomach, and move to the city where ice cream is there by the dozen. He loves Ice Cream to no end and can’t help but lick it off other peoples cones. In fact, this was exactly how Nate and Whisper met him in the Anime. Due to nates obsessiveness over his swirl on his ice cream, one use of the Yo-kai watch and bam! There was Komasan, standing on the register counter and licking swirl tops off of vendors. After which, he decided to explore the city a bit. After a while in the city, he met up with his younger brother Komajiro. Both brothers looking for a place to stay, eventually meeting with Kyubi who was a bully to them. After the heroes Accepted Kyubi’s request to enter the construction site, they soon battled a Yo-kai boss named Massiface. After beating him, the heroes became good friends with the two brothers. After some strange thing, Komasan found himself in San Romero where he was forced to fight zombies with the group, eventually joining the team.

In the anime, Komasan is still his country self. The Japanese subs put “zura” at the end of his sentences. But the biggest difference is his catchphrase when he’s surprised. In english, he yells “oh my swirls!” as a reference to swirls on ice cream. But in the Japan style, he yells “Monge” which is a sound of amazement in japanese.

Komasans rank in the game is D, but just because he;s country and city unaccustomed doesnt mean players can count him out in a fight. He works best when partnered with his younger brother. His favorite food was milk but changed to Ice Cream in later games.