Juvia Anime S5

Once a member of the guild Phantom Lord and the elite Element Four, Juvia immediately had a change of heart after a battle with Gray, literally. It turns out she immediately fell in love with him much to grays Chargin, but immediately battled him after. Gray defeated her and the rain that followed her stopped and she saw the sun for the first time in a long while. In the time after in the Tower of Heaven arc, Juvia assisted Natsu, Lucy and Gray in rescuing erza and defeating Jellal, after wich getting immediate passage into Fairy Tail alongside Gajeel, stopping at nothing to win over Grays heart. She joined the team during the Equestria Girls arc where she helped them battle against the Ghost Kingdom of Spectra, thus cementing her place. While among friends at most, she finds herself drawing in Sanji, though she prefers gray. Later on, she took a misunderstanding for hopes Apology after his misdeeds in getting her angry over false accusations, thinking he was inlove with her too. At times, Juvia does seem to be drawn to him, though she never admits it fully.

After the defeat of the Underworld Guild and Fairy Tails Disbandment, she went off with Gray, both of them growing close over the year. Her spells have become stronger and also gained Gray’s strange stripping habit. Though it was apparent to them both that they belonged in Fairy tail, and the team, when Natsu lit the signal fire for Fairy Tail’s Rebirth. After doing battle with a Zeref Worshipping guild called Avatar, they headed back to Magnolia and restarted Fairy Tail.

Juvia is a Mage who Specializes in water magic, being able to throw, launch and even blast water at different angles to trap and damage opponents. Her body is even water itself, meaning she cant suffer any type of water related damage or even fire related damage. In her year of training, she is now capable of using a new kind of molding magic called Water-Make.