A temp member of the team and the descendant of Hamon user and friend, Jonathan Joestar. Unlike Jonathan, Joseph’s style is based to physical combat, but he also employs his own sort of tricks mixed with them like bolas and a thread web. He was currently chasing after the Pillar Men with his friend Caesar and his mentor Lisa Lisa. But was pulled through a rift and ended up on Hope’s Ship. Still carrying a peice of a Red Stone of Aja, he tagged along to help them, even helping them defeat Esidisi and remove the poison ring latched around his windpipe.

Joseph is more witty than Jonathan, even able to predict what another person is going to say next before they even say it themselves. In the japanese subs, when surprised, he always uses english words like “oh no!” and “Oh my god!”. He also always says his two most hated words are “hard work” and “Work hard”, which he doesnt know mean the same.