Following remembering his communication with the astral being White, Hope goes with Fuyunyan and Hsien-Ko to assemble a team and gain a real start to his hero career. He travels to a large city where he meets with the Hero Association and soon encounters the larger than life Titanica who had been locked up due to her power and size. Reluctant to go out into the world because of being at 50ft and strong enough to demolish a building. As Hope tries to talk to her, they see the association members quickly killed by a strange looking robot known as a Pseudoroid. The robot, named Hurricane, soon reveals to them that they were locked inside of secret weapons cache owned by Flux himself. Hope quickly arms the cache to explode and gets Titanica out of the warehouse, leading Hurricane to go on the attack and quickly gains the advantage for a moment due to her speed. But it was a flue to lead her to a power plant as her own quills rip her apart due to magnetism but in desperation, she activates self destruct. With half the city at risk, Titanica moves on instinct and grabs the pseudoroid tossing it into the sky so it can explode safely. After this, with Titanica actually accepted being a member and joins the team.

Acquiring a ship, the Beacon, they sail off recruiting members from all over while also discovering that members from Jexi’s team have been being warped all over the place by Clock Man. The soon discover that Bass is also in nebula. After dealing with Flux to install a time machine, they race off to Past Kadic and warn the heroes of the new threat, and what their next mission will be… saving the Classic yo-kai and combating the evil Kaima Executives and their minions.