One of the largest mafia/criminal organizations in the universes. Consists of a family with a mother, a father and six children as well as ten Genre Generals who command thousands of their soldiers.

Main Family

Father- Father Ginova (Head)

Mother- Rosa Ginova (Former head of the Romance Branch)(Deceased)

1st Son- Hope the Victor (Former)

2nd Son- Jack Ginova (Former)

3rd Son- Benny Ginova (Former)

1st Daughter- Daisy Ginova (Former)

2nd Daughter- Sahara Ginova (Former)

3rd Daughter- Cindrey Ginova (Former)

Genre Generals

History- Clint (Former)

Drama- Ricardo aka Reaper

Science Fiction- Astro (Deceased)

Romance- Aphrodite

Fantasy- Mystic

Mystery/Crime- Sherlock (Former)

Comedy- Harlequin (Deceased)

Horror- Creep

Adventure- Vincent

Mythology- Sam (Former)

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