Gemini is a cowgirl from Texas. Like Komasan and Komajiro, she’s on the country side and getting used to things in the big city. But theres one thing thats off about her. Shes also a samurai.

Yup, a western samurai. Gemini was trained by Mifune in the ways of his signature art, Mifune Ryu Kempo, or Mifune Sword Style, revolving around quick strikes and mastery over fire, even igniting the blade to send flaming fireballs and scorching rock to her enemies.

Gemini, ture to her name, also has a split personality. Her ‘big sister’ Geminine. In So Long My Love, the two witnessed their master get killed by the Demon of New York Ranmaru. So they went to New York to finish him off. Zoro, having went back in time to find Nue with the others, Snapped Gemini out of Geminine’s lust.

Gemini officaly became the first otherworldly member of Hopes Squad when rescued by him from Clock Man. After wich, she’d seen Hope like Shinjiro and followed him to the end.

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