Franky Anime Post Timeskip Infobox

Franky is a cyborg and the shipwright for the Straw Hat Pirates and the Dimensional Heroes. He was found living in Water Seven as the head of a group known as the Franky Family. Originally, he apprenticed a shipwright named Tom who was arrested for building the Oro Jackson, the ship Gol D. Roger used. Franky was seriously injured after being hit by the Sea Train. He was able to operate on himself with what metal material was around. He also built the Thousand Sunny and the Star Speeder(heroes ship). Being a cyborg, he has loads of weapons inside of him, which he fuels with cola. After the timeskip, his weapons were upgraded along with him. He also built a large robot fighting suit known as Franky Shogun. He is well known for his catch phrase SUPER and doing his signature pose after saying this. He also tends to cry after hearing a sad story.