Arguably one of the strongest women in Fairy Tail, Erza is one of the Teams most strongest. She uses Requip the Knight. A magic that allows her to exchange armor that has magical abilities on their own. After the disbandment of Fairy Tail, she worked with another team, Spectra Force under the guild Crime Sorciere. She gained more armor and surprisingly when she returned, she had been made the next guildmaster, making her the 7th.

Erza tends to be the serious one of the group at times, always making sure no one is out of line. But she does have her funny moments and can goof around at times, such as taking a shot at barrel surfing and even stopping for a picnic in the middle of a quest to stop Oracion Seis Reborn. She’s had serious battles with enemies of the team too. One of her more notable ones being a fight with Terrera’s top general Rhyperior.