Edward elric render by debbiichan-d5upvwr

A master alchemist, Edward is not your ordinary one to say the least. With one touch of his hands, he can alter stone and make a varitety of constricts to attack, and can even make Spears, walls and use them to fight in unique ways. But one thing, do not ever mention his short stature. He has a knack for getting incredibly mad if it is mentioned.

He started his journey into alchemy after a failed attempt to bring his mother back to life. However, this attempt backfired on him as he lost his leg and his brother lost his entire body. In a desperate attempt, Edward gave up an arm to bond his brother’s soul to a suit of armor. After being fitted with Automail and recovery sessions, he soon became a state alchemist. He and Alphonse apparently met Jexi sometime in their childhood where they became old friends. The two were happy when rejoined years later during a violent killing tournament.