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The Dimensional Heroes is a series involving characters from different shows and games working together to defeat the villians they come across.

Dimensional Heroes SeriesEdit

Dimensional Heroes is a special crossover series of stories found on Fanfiction and is currently raising in popularity. We are currently looking for editors who we can trust to help keep the wiki up to date. Please contact either me, David, Hope or Ace to inquire further.


As many of you are aware...Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has revealed the ultimate adventure mode...World of Light! And with this oppurtunity...I would like to make the announcement. To make the future story of this even more ultimate...I am inviting the following writers to work on this project with me when the time comes: Hope the Victor! David Ishihara! Ace Neptune! Richard Zhao! MasterM1! All of you...I want you to be involved with the ultimate story to ever be created! Not only will serve as the end of the Dark Kingdom Saga...but also fulfill a long told prophecy that has been going around since Dimensional Heroes: The Miracle Mask! Not forcing anything, just offering you guys a chance.

I’m in. -Richard Zhao/Xovercreator

Glad to hear, Richard. Now many have known for awhile now...there was a prophecy foretold for some time now. And now...the ultimate evil, Galeem, is slowly coming. Now the time has reveal the finalized version...of the prophecy...these are our hero groups!

1. Dimensional Heroes

2. Shining Hope Squad

3. Brave Adventurers

4. Neo Dimensional Heroes

5. Shadow Strike Force

6. Team Revival

7. Phantom Thieves

8. Spectra Force

9. Wanderers

10. Dragon's Fang

11. Doomsday Legion + Heroic Vanguard

12. Team Chronicle

13. Mythos Heart

14. Spirit Force

15. Freedom Seekers

Though this list may change...depending on Master 1x0's answer.

UPDATE: Master 1x0 is in. The list is now finalized.

Update: Richard Zhao is now out of the project.

Latest activityEdit

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