A new journey begins in this one. Our heroes travel to Traverse Town in order to gather supplies and recover after a previous venture. It was here they met with another young warrior, a child named Sora who wields a strange weapon known as a keyblade. He explains he recently lost his home and is looking for two of his friends, Riku and Kairi.

Rainbow is separated but finds Sora along with a man named Leon. After a quick fight, he soon explains about the Heartless, creatures that go after a person’s heart cause they don’t have one themselves. When the heartless attack Traverse town, Rainbow gets Sora together with Donald and Goofy, and together fight the Guard armor.’

After each team meets up, they travel across the disney universe, locking the keyholse in respective and iconic worlds from disney films, even discovering the past of Titanica, and befriending the water based enhanced from Juvia’s powers, Torrentia. They also encounter Bass once more as he and Yang fought to the death and even encountered a young swordsman named Dunban who battled against Maleficent along side them.

Even after defeating ansem, who body jacked riku, they still needed to close the Door to Darkness. Riku stood on the darkness side as Sora stood on light. But Riku wasn’t alone as Hope ran to his side and pushed as well with his team. But Gray, Robin, Blake and Isaac wasn’t going to leave them alone as they helped closed the door for good, but leaving them trapped in the Realm of Darkness.

Our heroes now venturing through different terrains, each continued on, neither of them knowing where to go, but hoping that they will meet with one another again someday.