A player of a mysterious game called Bakugan back home. Dans had quite the career, taking down Hal G, King Zenoheld, the Gundalians and Vengeful Meghtogan and Magmel. Though after that, people seem to consider himself retired. From bakugan yes, but this guys found himself a new career. After his first adventure with Bakugan, he and his friends would up in the Realm of Exploration, joining Team Sky and battling against Primal Dialga as well as Darkrai and the Dark Crew.

Since being one of the teams founders, he’s grown a close friendship with Luffy, Pit, Ranma and Natsu. The five are in inseperable pair of friends who act almost like brothers. Ditching the brawls of his game, Dan now wields a Dragon Blade, a Modified Burst Blade formed with Natsu’s fire magic. Although practically a normal member of the team for the most part, what he’s encountered with Bakugan is anything but ordinary, and that just makes him more determined to defend his pals and risk his own life.

Dan Kuso