Dimensional Heroes: Explorers of Sky(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Last Specter(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Eternal Diva(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Uprising(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Miracle Mask(Complete)

Code Lyoko: Dimensional Heroes Style season 1(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Pirate Warriors(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Majora's Mask(Complete)


Dimensional Heroes Evolved: Equestria Girls (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Strong World (Complete)

Code Lyoko Season 2: Dimensional Heroes Evolved Style (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Furious Fists (Complete)

Seven Great Demon Lord Saga

Dimensional Heroes Evolved: Rainbow Rocks (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Devil May Cry (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Azran Legacy (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Wonderful 101 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Hyrule Warriors (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Awakening (Complete)

Nebula Saga

Dimensional Heroes Legends: Friendship Games (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Curious Village (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Mad World (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Diabolical Box (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Furious World (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Yo-Kai Watch (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Deadpool (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Fates (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Unknown Future (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Durarara (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Lollipop Chainsaw (Complete)

Bakugan: Dimensional Heroes Style (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Project X Zone (Complete)


Code Lyoko Season 3: Dimensional Heroes Spirits Style (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Triple Deluxe (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: So Long My Love (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Spirits: Planet Robobot (Complete)

My Hero Academia: Dimensional Heroes Style (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Spirits: Birth By Sleep (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Secret is Created, Nyan (Complete)


Dimensional Heroes Hearts: Kingdom Hearts (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Chain of Memories (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Hearts: Miraculous(Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Complete)


Dimensional Heroes: Fire (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Tropical Freeze (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Mighty No 9 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Thieves in Time (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Furious Fists Redux (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Durarara X2 Shou (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Mutants in Manhattan (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Cooking Showdown (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Final 8 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Project X Zone 2 (Completed)


Dimensional Heroes: Future Card Buddyfight (Completed)

Dimensional Heroes: Danganronpa (Completed)

Dimensional Heroes: Superchargers (Completed)

Dimensional Heroes Halloween Special (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Legend of Everfree (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Lord Enma and the Five Tales Nyan (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Origins (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Conquest (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Heartcatch Precure (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Phantom Blood (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Thanksgiving Special (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Dream Drop Distance (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Sun and Moon (Complete)


Code Lyoko Season 4: Dimensional Heroes Style (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Pirate Warriors 3 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Tartaros Arc (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: New Vestroia (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Red and Blue (Complete)



Dimensional Heroes: Air (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Hundred (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Street Fighter V (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Breath of the Wild (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Furious Racing (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Tales of Zesteria (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Ginova War (Complete)


Dimensional Heroes: New World (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Durarara X2 Ten (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Clash Deluxe (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Injustice: Gods Among Us (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Against The Dragons Fangs (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: The Final Trial (Complete)


Dimensional Heroes: Triple D (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Injustice 2 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: ARMS (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Star Fox Zero (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale and the Double World Nyan! (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Twilight Princess (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Black and White (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Final Fantasy IV (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Film Gold (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Durarara X2 Ketsu (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Magical Move Night (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Final Forming of Zexi's Group (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Majoras Mask Redux (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Warriors All Stars (Complete)

My Hero Academia Season 2 Dimensional Heroes Style (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (Complete)


Dimensional Heroes Revolution: Spirits (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Revolution: Code Lyoko Season 3 Redux (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Revolution: Recoded (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Revolution: Danganronpa V3 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Sonic Forces (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Fire Emblem Warriors (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Tales of Berseria (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Spirits: Triple Deluxe Redux (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Other M (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Echoes (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Savage Land (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: IGPX IG-3 (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes: Talent War (Complete)



Dimensional Heroes The Millionaire's Conspiracy/Spirit Force Brotherhood: Tales of Hearts R (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Furious Sports (Complete)

Spirit Force Brotherhood: Megaman X Command Mission (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Star Allies (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Detective Pikachu (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Knights of Britannia (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Super Mario Odyssey (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Code Lyoko Season 2 Redux (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Mario Tennis Aces (Complete)

Dimenisonal Heroes Warriors Pride (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Hyrule Warriors Redux/Chikasu Chronicles: Lost Dimension/Dimensional Heroes Return of the Oni King ( Yo-kai Watch Movie 4) (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Change (Complete)



Spirit Force: EX Multiverse Grand Prix (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Buddyfight X (In Progress)

Dimensional Heroes Buddyfight X All Star Fight


Dimensional Heroes Diamond is Unbreakable

Dimensional Heroes Balance

Dimensional Heroes Wind Waker

Dimensional Heroes Ocarina of Time

Dimensional Heroes Skyward Sword

Dimensional Heroes Wrath of the White Witch

Dimensional Heroes Revenant Kingdom

Dimensional Heroes Kingdom Hearts 3

Dimensional Heroes Ultra Hero Battle

Dimensional Heroes Shadow Dragon

Dimensional Heroes The Blazing Blade

Dimensional Heroes The Binding Blade

Dimensional Heroes The Sacred Stones

Dimensional Heroes Path of Radiance

Dimensional Heroes Radiant Dawn

Dimensional Heroes Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

Dimensional Heroes Attack on Titan

Dimensional Heroes Attack on Titan 2

Dimensional Heroes Dragon Quest Heroes

Dimensional Heroes Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Dimensional Heroes Hollow Fragment

Dimensional Heroes Lost Song

Dimensional Heroes Hollow Realization

Dimensional Heroes Fatal Bullet

Dimensional Heroes Buddyfight Ace

Dimensional Heroes Splatoon

Dimensional Heroes Half-Genie Hero

Dimensional Heroes Shovel Knight

Dimensional Heroes The Champions' Ballad

Dimensional Heroes The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings

My Hero Academia Season 3 Dimensional Heroes Style

Dimensional Heroes Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dimensional Heroes Warriors Orochi 4

Dimensional Heroes Three Houses

Dimensional Heroes Octopath Traveler



The Hope Chronicles: Deadpool (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Faces at the tree (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Emergence of the Enhanced (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Rise of the Rookies (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Skylanders Imaginators (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Digging Deeper (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Orre Region (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Warrior Realm (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Ocean Waker (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Skyward Skies (Completed)

The Hope Chronicles: Natures Breath (Completed)


Shadow Strike Force: Heroes from Darkness (Complete)

Shadow Strike Force: Sin and Spirit (Complete)

Shadow Strike Force: Prehistory Rising (Complete)

Shadow Strike Force: Thief's Honor (Complete) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

JACK Series

Jack: A Thief of the Universes (Completed)

Shadow Strike Force: Thief's Honor (Complete)

Jack: Theives of The Undead (Complete)

Jack: Theiving Magic (Complete)

Jack: Steamy Thieves (Complete)


Dimensional Heroes Chronicles: Danganronpa (Complete)

Dimensional Heroes Chronicles: Tales of Xillia 2 (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: X and Y (Complete)

Spirit Force: Tales of Hearts R (Complete)

Brave Adventurers' Travels: World of Final Fantasy

Brave Adventurers' Travels: The After Years

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Final Fantasy XV

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Cyber Sleuth

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Tales of Eternia

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Tales of Graces

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Arc Rise Fantasia

Brave Adventurers' Travels: Eternal Sonata

Brave Adventurers' Travels: IGPX IG-2

Brave Adventurers' Travels: IGPX IG-1

Brave Adventurers' Travels: IGPX Season 2


Spirit Force Season 1 and 2 Edit

Season 1A: Shadow Lords

Brave Dungeon (Completed)

Onechanbara ZII Chaos (Complete)

Ancient Ruins, Trials, and Biometal (Complete)

Killer Instinct (Complete)

Season 1B: Brotherhood

Relaxing and Forging Friendships (Complete)

Tales of Hearts R (Complete)

Megaman X Command Mission (Complete)

Season 2: Revelations

Breath of Fire 5 (Complete)

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon (Complete)

The Village of the Nephilim and Ragnarok (Complete)

Spirit Force Current and planned stories Edit

Ex Multiverse Grand Prix (Complete)

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness

Rogue Galaxy

Final Fantasy X-2

Code of Princess

Devil May Cry 4

Shining Resonance Refrain

Heroic Vanguard Edit

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma

Blazblue Central Fiction

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