P4A Chie Render

A spunky youth from Inaba Japan. A warrior who fights using her legs and kicks instead of her fists and a Persona User. Her arcana is the Chariot, her perona is Tomoe. SHe was a member of the Investigation Team that tracked the killer of the TV world. Eventually finding Adachi, who had been the killer and soon after Izanami No Okami. After those battles, they were taken by the kingdom of Valora as part of some way to make more persona users for their army so they can lead aa conquest of all worlds. But she was saved by Zoro and his team when he defeated Metagross with his swordsmanship.

After leaving the Dimensional Heroes, she along with her friends were recruited by the Heroes Coalition and currently works as a Solo Hero but is a part of the Inaba Investigation Team.

Appearance Edit

Chie has dyed light brown bowl-shaped hair and brown eyes. Chie wears a modified Yasogami High uniform with a light green, high collared athletic jacket adorned with several decorative pins (including a smiley face) and underneath her mini skirt she wears short black compression shorts. In summer, however, she is seen wearing the school's standard summer uniform, having wrapped her jacket around her hips.

Personality Edit

Chie is energetic and outgoing, the "extrovert" compared to Yukiko being the "introvert." She has a bright and upbeat personality, often trying to cheer up the group by joking about the case. She can be somewhat short tempered, especially with Yosuke, and is slow to back down from a challenge.

Abilities Edit

She seems to be skilled in martial arts. She uses her Persona, Tomoe, to get in close and KO her opponents with deadly kicks. She use greaves as a weapon and is self taught in Jeet Kune Do.