Aelita Schaffer

Aelita is a human from Kadic, mostly. Long before she took up residence using materialization, she was trapped in Lyoko presumably some sort of AI by the rest of the gang. In reality, she was the daughter of Franz Hopper, a scientist who created Lyoko and took her and himself in there to hide. She has a few powerful abilities such as Creativity as well as Energy Field and Flight. She is one of the five founders of the team and came up with its name. She didn’t participate in many battles but is not one to take things sitting down. In the past, Freezeman used her sacrifice and Xana’s freedom in order to free the Seven Great Demon Lords from this prison. Since then, she’s only gotten more serious toward protecting the worlds.


Aelita vs Kabutops and Omastar

Aelita vs Krokorok

Aelita vs Hades

Aelita vs Buggy the Clown

Aelita vs Marshall D. Teach

Aelita vs Chimchar

Trivia Edit

  • Aelita is the most major female character in the first series, succeeded by Sectonia in the second.